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FAQs on Craniosacral Therapy


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions about Craniosacral Therapy)


How much?Beccy-77sc15
Babies/children (0-12) up to 3/4 hour = $75
Adults (13 yrs+) up to 1 hour = $90

How often? How many?
Typically I see babies and children for 3 sessions, over say 1 month. For adults with a specific acute condition 4-6 sessions, over say 3-4 months.
All sessions are complete within themselves but often the more you come, the more your body responds to this treatment.

In some cases a single session proves to be sufficient. Many people find it so helpful that they choose to continue after their original concern has passed.

Man receiving Craniosacral Therapy


Mondays and Tuesdays (plus occasional Wednesdays)

Miranda. This is a suburb in the south of Sydney, NSW.
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Why? Who is it for?
Very simply, anyone who would like to feel more settled, peaceful or balanced (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual)

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